Popular Types of Online Blackjack

Attention, blackjack lovers! Today, we have a breakdown of some of the most popular versions of online blackjack. We hope your favourite has made the list. As mentioned (in another post) this list is comprised of consensus from avid blackjack lovers. We apologize, in advance, if your favourite has been left off.

1) Classic Blackjack

This the traditional version of the online experience. Players can choose between 1 and 8 decks. Every player is dealt 2 cards (one face down) as is the dealer. Players only win when the cards equal out to 21. but the total cannot be more than that. What happens when a player has more than 21 points in their hand? It is called a bust deal and you lose. Another point to mention is that your hand has to be worth more than the dealer’s to win. What happens when the dealer has a natural face card and an ace? Then it is called Natural Blackjack. That means you automatically lose. The goal is to beat the dealer. Say, for example, that you have 20 points, but the dealer has 21. The dealer is the winner, even when they do not have an ace or face card to challenge. This can turn into a high-intensity game with the right players and dealers.

2) Progressive Blackjack

This one is kind of similar to the classic version, except the stakes are somewhat higher. What makes the stakes higher is the jackpot. It is more progressive; therefore, you stand a better shot at winning a larger amount. The other difference is the 1% bet that is automatically placed into the pot (at the beginning). All the basic rules still apply. There are different variations to the game. Some of those variations included being able to hit, stand, or double the amount. This is another high stakes game, but with a more intensive outcome. Players who enjoy higher stakes often choose this one over the classic one. They feel the classic one is a little too safe. Everyone has an opinion on this. It all comes down to player preference.

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3) European Blackjack

The one thing to note (about this game) is (mostly) only available in other countries, like New Zealand. You may even have to check your area jurisdiction In New Zealand) to make sure you can play this version. This one is played with only 2 decks. The player is dealt two cards face up at the beginning. The face-down card (the hole card) is not dealt with until the player decides what to do. Players can make plays including doubling, splitting, and standing. Players can also double down on hands that have cards 9-11. Once again, this is another high stakes version of the game. Many players prefer playing either Euro or Progressive blackjack as opposed to the classic version.

4) Blackjack Switch

Now, this version might not be available in all areas of New Zealand. You might need to check your area’s rules before playing. This version allows the player to switch between two cards. What happens is the player gets two cards. He or she can then improve their chances by switching out the cards for two more. The payout has been changed too. You will get an 11 instead of 32. The dealer can win if the player has a blackjack before the switch. Say, one player has blackjack but makes the switch. He will still keep the same bet. The dealer will win due to the switch being made. This version is a little more obscure than the others, but it is very popular in the Euro markets. The US still has to play catchup (in terms of popularity).

5) Live Blackjack

We cannot have a list without including this one. Live dealer remains one of the most popular selections for online casinos. The reason is that you get the same energy and experience online, as you would in a brick and mortar location. The rules are still the same. Players like being able to do the live version from their living room.

6) Super Fun 21

This is another obscure version. You play with only one deck. The rules you get in classic apply here. The one thing that does change is the payout structure. Another thing that changes is the natural blackjack. A player’s natural will always beat the dealer’s (which is a change from some of the other versions). You get more money when you win. A Diamond Blackjaks includes an ace and ten. You can also win with a J, Q, K hand. There are different variations of this game too. Now, not all variations are going to pay the same. Some payout structures are going to offer less. It also depends on how much you place with your initial bet. There is also a betting range that varies for every selection for Super Fun. The Diamond version is going to offer much bigger winnings.


It all comes down to how much you are willing to risk for a loss when playing. Those who are not too inclined to risk a lot (of money), you should probably stick with the classic version. We hope this content was informational. Let us know below if we left off any of your favorite Blackjack version in New Zealand. Always acquaint yourself with the rules and terms before playing.