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Masters of Code has put together some key pieces of information on your favorite casino games like craps, baccarat, sic bo, live dealer games, roulette, slots, and, of course, blackjack.

On this page, you can find a list of casino games to choose from, compare them to each other, as well as get tips and tricks to play it.

Master of Code is not just all about Blackjack, here is an overview of some of the casino games that we provide guides on. Read on below to learn more.


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When talking about gambling games, slots will always be on top as it is one of the most popular games. Hours of fun and entertainment are guaranteed with slots and winning real money is never a problem with this game.

It also has many progressive jackpots available to make your playing experience even more interesting.


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It might be one of the oldest games available in the casino today, but roulette will never fail a casino gaming enthusiast like you. All you have to do is to spin the wheel and wait for your numbers to come up and win real money.

There are several choices for the roulette game type that you can play, European or American, you choose.


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Yet another extremely popular gambling game, may it be an online or land-based casino. Poker can be confusing at first but with our extensive guides plus information about its rules and the strategies that you can apply at play, playing it will be a good idea.


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This is a hugely popular card game and is, of course, our specialty here at Masters of Code. It has different variants available today, but we have all the information that you need to get going.

Learn how to play blackjack wisely and increase your chances of winning real money here at Masters of Code.Contact us now for more details.